Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tips To Avoid Getting Or Spreading The Virus

A cold sore is a horrible virus and learning how to prevent a cold sore can be very beneficial especially for those of you that repeatedly get them, this article can be the help you need to avoid getting them over and over again. There are simple changes and things that you can go on to do which can be very effective when it comes down to this. Please note that not every method works for everyone so if one doesn't work try another, there is bound to be one that does work for you as you try to prevent a cold sore.
· Avoid Touching Your Face
Your hands are very dirty; they are a magnet for germs and viruses, that's why you're meant to wash your hands after you go to the toilet. Unfortunately we can't control all the germs from not getting on our hand but the last place you want to spread them is your face.
If you get these germs on your face you are risking getting the virus or lowering your body's defence system which will then go on to leading to a dormant cold sore awakening at this opportunity.
Washing your hands when you can, avoiding to touch your face and even carrying around anti-bacterial soap can be very effective.
· Avoid Triggering An Attack
It is said that these annoying little viruses pop up when your immune system is at a low so you will want to keep it high.
Obviously you can't make yourself never get sick, there will always be something that slips past you but there are things that you can try to avoid that will beat down your immune system.
- Stress
- Illness and fevers
- Fatigue
- Binge drinking
Avoiding these will keep your immune system up as much as possible which will therefore reduce the chances of you going through an outbreak.
· Keep Your Immune System High
As I said before you can't avoid yourself from getting sick but you can strengthen your immune system with zinc lozenges. These can be brought over the counter and are really effective, these will keep your immune system strong even when you're ill and vulnerable to a cold sore attack!
Taking these little zinc lozenges when you notice the first signs of illness is highly recommended as you get your immune system in shape and to prevent a cold sore.

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